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In the Valley of Five Lakes the pace of life is dictated by the seasons of the year. Each has its own characteristics and entails tasks which we perform in a larger or smaller group. We live and work together. In the summer, the Hostel’s entire crew comprises of more workers than in the winter. We would like to introduce to you the members of our permanent staff, who you can come across most often around here:

Andrzej Krzeptowski - For generations associated with the Valley of the Five Lakes. Son of Maria and Andrzej Krzeptowski, grandson of Marianna and Wojciech Budz – all of whom dedicated their lives to hosting the Valley’s guesthouses. Andrzej continues the family tradition and passes it on to the future generations. He has two daughters and five grandchildren. He knows everything there is to know about the mountains. He is a prime and eager story- and legend teller, to which the tourists who are no strangers to our Hostel, will certainly testify.

Mietek - has been in the Hostel since 1967; he was employed by Maria Krzeptowska – the grandmother of the current Managers. He has invaluable inside knowledge about the life in the Hostel, the operation and functioning of all the increasingly complex devices and machines, as well as about the safety of different routes and trails - especially in winter conditions; and thanks to his ingenuity, over the last 40 years, he has been invariably hailed an indispensable specialist in trouble-shooting of difficult issues and situations.

Darek – Mietek’s son; has spent a large part of his childhood in the Five Lakes. As a chef, he is the author of the recipe for our unique sour rye soup (żurek), which is his signature dish.

Krysia – An important figure in the Five Lakes for 12 years now. Anyone who has visited us at least one, will never forget her professional attitude and approach, striking good looks and a most charming smile. She is a real enthusiast of hiking and mountaineering and the Queen of the dance floor

Gośka – Krysia’s unmistakable sister, in the Hostel since 2001. You may bump into her by the deli counter, in the kitchen and at the reception desk. It is she who bakes our finger-licking apple pie, which – nota bene - has won the First Prize in a competition of Best Tatra Apple Pies.

Justynka – has been with us since 2005 as an all-year-round member of the staff. Privy to apple pie recipe, she has spent many hours in our special bakery preparing this delicacy for the tourists.

Marychna, Marta – Sisters, daughters of Andrzej Krzeptowski, in Five Lakes since birth. After passing all the stages of initiation into hostel life, they now work together on continuous quality improvement and raising the standard of service.